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He is known for his expertise in data protection legislation and data protection and introduces the European Parliament to the EU`s General Data Protection Regulation and the EU-US Data Protection Framework Agreement. Design data protection has been included in the European Commission`s plans to harmonize data protection within the European Union with a single law – the General Data Protection Regulation. Ping with you. From time to time, the client`s legal services require you to enter into a data processing contract or order contract. If such an agreement is necessary in IT and why? Google does not offer a data processing agreement for consumer versions of Gmail or Drive. Google does not act as a data transformer for the consumer version of these services. If you have specific data protection issues, data protection obligations or compliance requirements, contact your legal counsel. For more information on products and data processing conditions, see Since the beginning of 2012, the European Union has been developing a general data protection regulation that will replace the Data Protection Directive and harmonize data protection and data protection legislation. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation by which the European Commission intends to strengthen and unify the data protection of individuals within the European Union (EU). If your organization uses G Suite services, changes to data processing and standard contractual clauses may apply to you.

You can accept these agreements via admin Console: Find out how your organization can sign up. Google provides appropriate data processing conditions for certain products that include the data processing services listed below. Own contract proposal It`s an interesting idea, you have to have it first. Even if the customer hasn`t thought about it, you still need it, because as a subcontractor or service provider, you may also be penalized for not having a data processing agreement. The penalty for the transformer may be the same as for the customer. Your own contract also has an advantage, you can impose your own terms and conditions that will be reasonably beneficial to you and that are no better once than when such a contract is offered by the customer. Of course, this has to be within the scope of what the RGPD/RGPD requires, so you won`t put everything into it, but for example, the customer model can prevent or prevent you from submitting certain services, and yours won`t create barriers here. If the customer offered the contract, don`t sign it blindly.

Talk to a lawyer who has an idea for the RGPD/RGPD and understands what it`s all about in your business. The client and his lawyers have no idea and often create agreements that prevent further cooperation.