Posted by on 6. Dezember 2020

Trade in foreign and futures products is a high risk. The market price of a loan-financed futures product does not reflect the spot market price in the applicable core assets and varies significantly in response to the value of the underlying`s price, supply and demand and other market factors. For example, a small drop in prices on the underlying digital assets of a 100-fold external capital product could result in a loss of 100 times your position on the product. In addition, debt-financed products, which aim for reverse returns, lose money when the price of digital assets rises, a result that is contrary to the underlying. In certain market conditions, particularly due to high volatility and illiquidity in cryptocurrency derivatives markets, it may be difficult or impossible to close a position. The placement of conditional orders, such as. B the „stop-loss“ or „stop-limit“ order will not necessarily limit your losses to the expected amounts, as market conditions may make it impossible to execute these orders. We offer users a platform to compare their orders with other users` orders. Orders may be partially filled or filled with a number of orders, depending on the business activity at the time of order. Polo`s relationship with you under this agreement is only a trading platform provider and does not act as the principal or counterparty to the transactions concluded on the platform. Without prejudice to the above, (i) Polo may play the counterparty role for limited transactions, for example. B for the purpose of winding up user exchange fees and (ii) Polo subsidiaries may make transactions on the platform; However, provided that these related companies are not given priority in the execution of trade.

By marketing debt or futures products on the Poloniex platform, you recognize and consent that you have sufficient knowledge of the facilities, financial know-how and experience and ability to handle the increased risks arising from the trading of forward capital. In addition, you agree to independently take over all risks associated with executing term capital transactions on your own account. Marginal trading on Poloniex is a high risk. As a borrower, you may experience a total loss of digital assets or digital assets that go beyond what you deposited into your account. High volatility and the high risk of illiquidity in the markets mean that you may not always be able to liquidate their position. You agree to manage a sufficient amount of digital assets at any time to meet Polo`s minimum balance sheet requirements, as these requirements may change from time to time. If the value of your account`s assets is covered by the minimum balance requirement or if Polo believes, at its sole discretion, that your account appears to be in danger of being delayed, Polo may seize and liquidate some or all of your positions and assets on any balance in your account in order to settle your debts to other users. If, after your positions and assets are liquidated, your account still does not contain enough digital assets to settle your debts to other users, you will be responsible for any additional digital assets that will be due. A voluntary default may lead Polo to report your activities to the authorities and/or prosecutions.