Posted by on 15. Dezember 2020

As in most situations, the best option is to talk to your neighbour as soon as you notice the procedure. In many situations, the neighbour will have made a simple mistake in his design and will probably correct the error. However, if your neighbour does not want to work together, it is best to draw attention to the act that indicates the boundaries of the land, or even to call on a surveyor to go out and place new property lines. If the neighbor does not stop building on your property, immediately hire a lawyer and let a judge give a judge who forces your neighbors to stop building on your property until you can file a charge of transgression. If you have questions about border line agreements or other real estate issues, please contact an experienced lawyer at (914) 338-8050. For more information about our company, please visit Seek legal advice if you are considering a border agreement. Everything on the land is also subject to the agreed limit. The agreed limit is also applicable to new owners of the property, although an expert determines the actual limits of real estate. If you and/or your neighbours still pay both mortgages on your property, you will probably need to consult a lawyer before entering into a lot line agreement. Your bank may prevent you from entering into such an agreement and, instead, you can insist that you license a surveyor to inspect the country. You and your neighbour can create a „border agreement“ to register them: if you think your neighbour is starting to use your country, even if it`s just a secondary thing, like building a fence in the wrong place or installing a drainage pipe that crosses the property`s border, you need to act immediately.

Ownership limits are very important when it comes to using land, and even a small intervention by your neighbour in your country can have consequences that you cannot predict. As a general rule, you can avoid establishing a border agreement by informally talking to your neighbour. This agreement will be signed on July 15, 2017 between John Smith of 10 Acacia Avenue, a title registered under the title number XX12345, and Mary Brown of 12 Acacia Avenue, title listed under title number XX67891. After the facts have been signed, you will have to file them with the Landratsamt. This function, which is sometimes known by names such as the Kreisschreiberamt or the Cadastre, will file the facts and make it available on request for Public Viewing. This informs each future buyer of the land of the new agreed land boundaries.