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Note that Jesus gives the offender four chances to redeem himself. That is a lot more opportunities than most of us would offer. But this is the protocol you follow if you have a problem with someone in church. If your brother opposes you, go and tell him his guilt between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have won your brother. But if he does not hear, he carries one or two more, that each word can be found by the mouth of two or three witnesses. And if he refuses to hear it, tell the Church. But if he refuses to hear the Church, let him be with you like a pagan and a customs officer. The difference in this case is that Jesus does not speak of bringing the guilty before earthly church leaders to argue your case. It places more emphasis on the spiritual aspect. God`s love and faithfulness are eternal, and His mercy is every day new. Let us love as he loves, forgive, as he forgives, seeks justice and loves mercy, and enjoy his many blessings when we deal with the things that walk on the Lord`s path. His path is always the best way. „First of all, Jesus said `where two or three are gathered` in his name, so how could this apply to attitudes of four or more? And why will two or three believers come together so that Jesus may be in their midst? Isn`t he already present in every believer? So, even if a Christian prays, isn`t Jesus already there? When they heard this, they raised their voices to God by mutual agreement, and said, „O Lord, it was you who made heaven, earth and sea, and all that is in them, There are no fingers to show, nor to explode Dunce`s cap.

this is a simple mistake if you are not familiar with the original context. The goal of looking at the abused verses is to encourage us to take a closer look at the writing and learn the context of what we read. We are not the original audience of the Gospel of Matthew, so we have to work a little harder to understand what the details mean. What I mean is that we do not know the culture, history, style of writing and cross-sectional references of the Alttestament, like someone who lived in Matthew`s time. The need and impact of the Union.