Posted by on 8. April 2021

Water pumps are essential for agriculture, construction sites, water supply in times of drought and water intake in the event of a flood caused by a disaster or other emergency. Honda manufactures and supplies approximately 30,000 water pumps per year at its plants in Japan, India, China and the United States. The strengths of the excellent Air-cooled Honda GX OHV engine are brilliant with pumps. Excellent flat torque allows for stable suction and unloading power in all gear ranges, from low to high speeds. The pumps are quiet, very durable, very easy to start, consume small amounts of fuel and oil and offer excellent environmental performance only with a 4-stroke engine. The multi-purpose pumps are used in irrigation fields and on various construction sites. Until the introduction of the WX10, almost all small pumps were powered by a one-inch hole equipped with 2-stroke motors. Honda has decided to focus on developing a 4-stroke engine for this category and has released the WX10, which contains the GX25 supercompact engine, which can be tilted at any angle in the 360-degree range. The same level of light weight and power as a two-stroke engine was achieved with much higher environmental performance, which consists of low fuel consumption, low noise and less polluting exhaust emissions. They have a wide range of support from ordinary households in the United States for use in irrigation lawns and vegetable gardens. Regardless of the type of pump, engine power has a big influence on the quality of the pump, as water pumps generally operate for many hours at a constant speed. Honda water pumps contain the GX engine, which is known worldwide as the standard for commercial energy products because of its environmental performance and durability.

High-pressure pumps are used when water needs to be pumped at high altitudes or over long distances, and ultra-light pumps can be carried anywhere. Our range for some markets also includes garbage pumps that can be used to pump water with a certain amount of solids (30 mm or less) and special pumps that can be used for chemical reagents. High reliability and durability GX engine is the heart of the WX10 water pump reaches super light weight and power condition: New brand: E-AgroCare, Honda Tank Capacity (liters): lt fuel type: fuel production capacity: delivery time: days… Depending on the application, there are a number of types.