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Please fill out the form below to plan advertising on the buff buses. A Transportation Services employee will contact you for I.N., check or SpeedType information. Please do not provide confidential information on this form. [1] Price per year/semester/month (only speed payment) The parties agree that the person entering the agreement is in fact in good faith and has full and complete power to bind these parties and that the advertising contract is subject to the terms stipulated in the Terms of the Buff Bus Advertising Agreement. Prices are based on the use of the size of the bus and the exposure you receive. All prices listed below apply to a bus ad. School Bus reportsisting Accord ThTh s („agrement„) is in this concluded between the following parts: The Factory, The Factory, A Advertising Design Company, 5534 Tannery Road, Schnecksville, PA 18078 and Parkland School District (`School Dtrict“), 1210 Springhouse Road, Allentown, PA 18104. (Enterprise and School Dsstrict is also known here as the „party“ and collectively as „parties.“ The undersigned parties hereafter agree: OBJECTIVE OF SECTION 1 and term 1.1 Object: Company is the contract with School Dtrict for the sale of is on school buses. 1.2 Duration: Ththis cord begins after Agrement approved by the Parkland Board of Directors of School Directors (Board) and the signing of the agreement by the delegated officials of each party Th s agreement ends if one of the parties of the other party has challenged a written information at least ninety days before the information comes into force. If the agreement is terminated de cause or violation it ends immediately after receipt of the written termination. Section 2 – Program 2.1 Program Description: The company undertakes to request and sell ising advertisements on behalf of School District for placement inside its school buses. 2.2 Approval of spectives: The Board ssspectivespective ads and advertisements is creative.

The committee adopts h guidelines regarding advertisingising/advertis creative and society to these same policies.