Posted by on 9. April 2021

I mean, it`s so ridiculously transparent, it`s a joke. But all a good larf, um! Both in his testimony and in his evidence, Michael Gallagher confirms not only that Corbyn did exactly what his political prosecutors claim he did not do, but also that Corbyn acted as an emissary to enable the British Labour government to achieve its main objective of identifying the details of the exchange and release of the prisoners, which ultimately underpinned the entire historic peace agreement. Oh, you`re so transparent Joseph, it`s farcical! Is attack the best form of defense? Oh, that`s right, and throw in the „white flag man“ platitude as well, just for a good measure, hmm! Do you feel that the conservative agreement and the alliance with the DUP are undermining the Good Friday agreement? What people don`t get, is that Jeremy Corbyn was part of the peace process when he started working with the Conservatives, who do not want a Labour MP to heed the peace process, and then after declaring that they had no talks with terrorists who ousted Corbyn and said he was making their conversations worse and that he was not helping and accepting the peace process. Please leave this properly and stop the caudation of a good man`s name! As chairman of the Labour Party, Mr Corbyn has been more cautious on the Irish issue. Thursday`s visit to Belfast was his first since his election in 2015. The visit was preceded by a press outrage now known, after his spokesman confirmed that Mr Corbyn continued to support the Irish agreement while stressing that he was doing so as part of the 1998 agreement. The agreement stipulates that a united Ireland can only be achieved by the separate and simultaneous voices of both parts of Ireland and that, as long as this happens, the Union of Northern Ireland with Great Britain is legitimate. But Mr Corbyn`s record so far inevitably allowed DUP unionists to mock him this week because he was unwilling to condemn the atrocities committed by the IRA or hit his victims. Unlike the author of this article, I saw first-hand how the peace process was actually progressing. My wife worked for 17 years for JC and accompanied him several times to Ireland (North and South). Unfortunately Anthony is at Breach most of the facts.

It was not Blair`s inauguration that broke the block, but a statement by a Conservative minister, Brooke, who said: „Britain does not now have selfish interests in Ireland and is ready to talk about peace.“ At the same time, John Hume and Gerry Adams had begun many discussions on what a ceasefire and negotiations might be. Unfortunately, not realizing that it was a conservative regime that started it. When Labour was elected in 1997, the process was stalled again – and Mo Mowlam (on behalf of the government) asked Jeremy to act as an „interlude,“ which he has done many times. The big problem was „Liberation of prisoners,“ and Jeremy and my wife went there many times. Jeremy convinced Mo to go into blocks H to talk directly to the prisoners, and it ended up working. Jeremy and his collaborators have been taking over for months the anomalies of the „prisoner release programme“ – we still have all the files! – without Sinn Fein – the IRA would not have been able to agree on a process. So Jeremy played a key role in the Good Friday agreement – just ask Gerry Adams or Martin McGuinness if you don`t believe me. Mr. Breach lives in an imaginary world and should read a little before sabotaging ignorant articles. But to be pedantic, the article can be challenged pretty quickly with a little research (it allowed Anthony, you should try).