Posted by on 10. April 2021

Once these offices have been set up and the three-year trial period has expired, to which they can sell a franchise, these sites will be put up for sale at a high cost. Thank you, NC Hillbilly, for your comments. I had not heard from Liberty Loan and Tax. Can you give me an example of one of these sites in Tennessee? I searched their Tennessee sites (, but they all seem to be normal liberty sites. You have to ask „why“? Sears Hometown definitely at the last stage. It`s almost impossible to sell a freedom shop. You have to ask „why“? If you can`t sell it, the value is that it works with a profit. You have to ask „why“? The latest Liberty Tax news: Liberty Tax to pay $3 million in comparison to the IRS, make fraud solutions magazine entrepreneur has ranked the liberty tax service franchise #3 behind McDonald`s Subway. However, some commentators, who claimed to be former liberty tax franchisees, left scathing warnings on the franchise`s discussion forum. 1. All the burden imposed by compliance requirements is imposed on each franchisee at a price, most Liberty Tax franchise offices already operate with low to negative returns, and this will only increase costs to support these new compliance requirements (material, software, storage, work, etc.). At the end of this fiscal season, there will be fewer franchise offices as more owners abandon their offices.

2. What the client does not recognize when he has his tax return made in a Liberty office and his tax return has been selected for an internal compliance check and the franchisee does not provide the necessary documents to the Compliance Review Board, the person`s tax return is not forwarded to the IRS or the state for processing, which does not result in any credit or refund of tax. Once a client discovers that their tax return has not been forwarded to the IRS or the state for processing, due to an internal compliance audit, this message will be quickly disseminated between family, friends and colleagues, and today`s social media makes it extremely simple and fast. This news will be like a virus and will spread quickly. 3. Liberty HQ does not have a buyback program for existing franchises. These new restrictions will make it extremely difficult to sell an existing franchise over the next 3 years, as there are fewer qualified buyers to purchase a Liberty franchise. This will result in a loss of value for existing franchises. 4. Declining new customers, the Internet provides an abundance of information, and new customers who are looking for a reliable control company will run away from Liberty offices, as they see many articles about this DOJ fraud case against Liberty, will be this story nationwide.