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the child`s interest in stability/continuity in the rules of detention; The distance from the train; The age of the child; The child`s relationship with both parents; The relationship between parents, including, but not limited, their ability to communicate and cooperate effectively and their willingness to put their child`s best interests above their own; the child`s wishes, if it is mature enough for this investigation to be appropriate; The reasons for the proposed step The extent to which parents currently share custody. 6) What if it has been definitively established that the other parent and I have joint custody of our child? If the other parent, who does not have primary physical custody, objects to the move, he or she may object or challenge the petition in court. The judge will then look at what is best for the child and make a decision based on the child`s wishes – if he is old enough and if the move can benefit the child. First, the custody counsel must check whether or not the parent who wishes to move has sole or shared physical custody of the children. If, in this case, final custody has already been taken and the parent who wants to move has been granted sole custody, the parent who wants to avoid the move usually has the initial responsibility to show that the move would harm the children. The reason is that it is assumed that a parent with sole physical custody can settle down with the children as long as he gives the other parent a correct and legal notification of the intent, although there may be exceptions to this rule in some cases. My uncle and his wife, I think, temparal guardianship, In 3 years, I have never been informed of a date or any result. The only time I heard anything, I was served in prison with child welfare papers. Now they want to go from the state to Florida from California. Do I have the right to stop him? Hello, my husband and I voted 50/50 custody in August 2018, he moved to NYC in October 2018 for a job where the judge granted me 93% temporarily until our hearing in April.