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8. ACCOMMODATION Service staff may keep in touch with user agencies, local authorities (including municipal officials) and National Service officials for the purchase of modest housing. In addition to his duties as a teacher in educational institutions, service personnel who work as a janitor are entitled to free accommodation. 9. SUPERVISION a. All user agencies are invited to report immediately to the secretariat of the national service: i) date of the first support of the service. ii. disciplinary action against a national official who is wrong. i. postal leave and permanent absence of service personnel. B. The dismissal of service personnel cannot be carried out by the heads of the user agencies without consultation or prior approval of the national service secretariat.

c. User agency managers are required to submit annual annual forms that have been duly commented on and signed by the relevant service personnel before the end of May. d. User agencies are required to report exceptional performance by service personnel (with solicitation) to the Secretariat. You can assign this staff. Those who do not follow the above rules may lose their chance to obtain a certificate of good behaviour and character from the client. Each program is unique and an agreement is required for any stand-alone program represented by an NGN or NSS. A teacher is a person who „takes a step forward.“ The teaching community should make a commitment to behave according to the ideals of the profession. A teacher is always in the limelight and should therefore not give incompatibility in his command and practice. Our institution ensures that the entire faculty respects the responsible model of behaviour that society expects of it.

An ICSD issuer agreement must be signed by the issuer with Euroclear Bank and Clearstream Banking (Luxembourg) before the acceptance of securities under NGN or NSS. Issuers must send a copy of the signed agreement to Euroclear Bank and Clearstream Banking (Luxembourg). The agreement will not enter into force and will not commit the ICSDs until they are concluded. and A signed printed version must be sent to each of the ICSDs at the address indicated in the agreement. The IEEE Code of Conduct describes the commitment of IEEE members and staff to the highest standards of integrity, good conduct and ethical and professional behaviour. All participants, speakers, sponsors and volunteers of an IEEE event must comply with the IEEE code of conduct. IEEE forces this code throughout the event. We expect all parties involved to cooperate to ensure a safe environment for all. If you agree to speak at an IEEE-sponsored event, we can share your contact information and biographical information with event participants.