Posted by on 13. April 2021

At the Council, we understand that our staff is our greatest asset and, with a team of skilled and skilled workers, we can continue to provide the highest quality services to our community. As one of the largest employers in the Toowoomba region, it is important that employees are well trained and properly equipped to support the organization. The goal is to have a dedicated, customer-oriented staff who provide quality services to our community at all times. The Council`s Department of Personal Development and Organization provides direction and support to all personnel issues throughout the Organization. The facility serves to support our employees, but it also sticks to industrial instruments such as rewards and certified agreements. The Council`s approach to providing a wide range of services is based on our core values of integrity, respect, accountability and transparency, cooperation and teamwork, innovation and sustainability. The Labour and Labour Relations team continues to advise, advise and support executives, senior and employees in human and labour relations. These include providing advice on the interpretation of distinctions, certified agreements and other employment legislation, performance management, dispute and complaint resolution, workplace investigations and workplace harassment. Activate cookies in Mobile Safari (iPhone, iPad) 1.

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Therefore, the CTRs are issued by the Belgian tax authorities in accordance with the double taxation agreements between Belgium and the countries of our clients. . The Council supports the promotion of an organizational culture that encourages staff to make decisions that support a healthy lifestyle and enable our community to provide quality services. To maintain healthy, energetic and sustainable people, we continue to invest in our people by maintaining our successful health programs and introducing a series of new health and wellness initiatives. In 2016-17, we made the following initiatives available to our staff: In 2016-17, the Industrial and Labour Relations team implemented proactive strategies to address complex labour relations and human resource issues. These strategies included: a Tax Residence Certificate (TRC) is required to benefit from the application of double taxation conventions and to comply with local tax rules. Although the Council has an ongoing security priority, the organization faces a major challenge: developing safety guides, particularly within our group of small team leaders. This was addressed by the implementation of a one-day safety training program for the supervisors of the work team, with a security check. This program has been well accepted and will continue to be refined and delivered. In addition, the Council provides regular, tailor-made one-day training to our Health and Safety Officers (HRS) in recognition of their commitment as safety champions.