Posted by on 9. September 2021

I still doubt the word „free“, as we all know, you rarely get something for free without any kind of string, or maybe I`m too cynical?. I`m still quite surprised by everything, because as we all know, aerial photography isn`t cheap, is it?! From what I was collecting, the aerial photos we can upload are from 2014/2015, which we currently hold anyway, so I stand until I`ve answered all my questions. The agreement is not just aerial photographs. Among the available data sets are: the APGB contract was awarded under a tender procedure and has a duration of three years, with the possibility of extending it for a further three years. The contract includes the supply of high-resolution aerial photographs, digital terrain and surface models (DTMs/DSMs) and colour infrared images for all of England, Wales and Scotland and will collect over 25 TB over the term of the contract. Members can choose to provide this data in any format that suits their needs, for example. B a regular update on the hard drive or, remotely, via WMS, an Airbus Defence and Space service. Bluesky and Getmapping airlines are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement with the UK, Welsh and Scottish governments for the next two years, which will provide their data to public authorities in England, Scotland and Wales free of charge. For the first time in the UK, the latest and most detailed aerial photographs, as well as 3D models in height and colour images, are now available to more than 4500 public sector organisations. The Treaty on Aerial Photographs for Great Britain (APGB) will support the government`s recently announced Geospatial Commission to help collect, coordinate and exploit the economic value of site-related data. John, I meant that BEIS and our PSMA license number had automatically sent our data to the APGB consortium; I am aware that I have to sign the agreement to conclude the registration, so we are not automatically registered. It`s like aerial photographs, but it`s been modified to highlight vegetation with proximity infrared. The vegetation is represented in red.

The stronger the red, the greater the chlorophyll reaction of vegetation. The APGB consortium`s registration program provides for a moving update of aerial photographs and derivatives (infrared & Elevation) throughout the country, with their pool of airplane aircraft and digital cameras. You capture the images in blocks, which can take time before your area is updated, but the goal is to have data available in all areas under 3 years old. And now the same concept is applied to aerial photographs by the APGB framework, which represents aerial photographs for Britain. It started in early April 2018 and decreed a free user license for all public sector organizations. This agreement is between the central government and a consortium of two commercial air survey companies; Getmapping Plc and Bluesky International Ltd. Some of you will be used to aerial photographs, and some will even be used to infrared images and altitude models. Either way, as soon as you use it, we`d love to get your feedback on how you`ve used it, what you think about the quality, resolution, and timeliness of your domain. High-resolution photography provides more details of the ground. The 12.5 cm images do not come with a permanent license and if the contract was no longer in progress after March 31, 2020, it would have to be returned or obtained an extended license.

Everyone knows (I hope) the PSGA. Now there is a new acronym on the block; the APGB. . . .