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Indeed, articulation agreements are signed legal contracts. These documents are very detailed on guaranteed admission, transfer credits, scholarships, and academic and course requirements. Articulation agreements open the channels of communication between two institutions regarding important issues that are important for transfer students. Generally speaking, articulation agreements document a path between two or more universities or universities and their university programs. Articulation agreements are also referred to as transfer agreements, transfer guides and transfer routes by different target groups. It is important to note that there are three perspectives of articulation agreements: one by the students/learners, the other by the university of the chain and the other by the receiving institution. For a complete list of articulation agreements, the 2017 UMaine system agreements, the 2016 agreements or contact the Academic Dean at 453-5117 for more information. If you`re hoping to complete your university education at a four-year college or university, you can always start at Community College. The key is to do your research to find out if any of the nearby schools have articulation agreements that could help you make the transition more seamless. Good luck! CUA 121 Food Preparation and Sanitation – offers better articulation for this course with trust credits 3 One of the unique benefits of visiting the Mid-Coast School of Technology (MCST) is the opportunity to use our many post-secondary agreements with colleges to earn credits during MCST College. An articulation agreement is an officially approved agreement that runs down the course work between our school and maine`s community college and university and grants advanced internship credits. Agreements with colleges in the Community of Maines provide credits for identified courses that have been taken at MCST. Articulation and enhanced articulation conventions are, for a career and technology student, the same as collecting credits through Advanced Placement exams for a university student.

These agreements recognize the skills and competencies developed through the successful completion of certain negotiation courses. There are benefits in pursuing articulation credits, including savings on tuition, books, and fees, saving time by not duplicating class work at the college level, as well as time in your academic calendar for expanded program content. First, articulation agreements are formal partnerships between at least two higher education institutions. Typically, these agreements exist between a Community College and a four-year institution. The goal is to create a smooth transfer for students. Articulation agreements provide the framework for schools and Carenaire and Technical Secondary Education (ETC) programs related to similar post-secondary programs at one of Maine`s community colleges. The articulation connects or connects a student`s career to one of Maine`s career hubs. These agreements allow students to acquire college or fiduciary credits in alternation at the secondary and/or post-secondary level. In addition, etc students who participate can obtain a significant share of a national certificate of qualification recognised throughout the sector. • Enhanced Articulation is a system-wide agreement between all CTE schools and the community college system in a specific area of programs.

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