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As a PhD student, it may at first seem daunting to discuss the roles you want or expect, and your place as a contributing author in a project. However, this step should be approached as a means of learning that contributes to your professional identity as a researcher and scientist. Consultants will generally be happy to talk about the author and consider these discussions as an important aspect of the mentor-mente relationship. Since psychological research has become increasingly interdisciplinary, it is also important to recognize that other fields may have different author cultures (e.g.B the lead researcher could be the first or last author). Therefore, the start of author debates in the project will help ensure that all the expectations of contributors coincide. Previews and Images Submissions in the Journal of Pediatrics Previews and Images domain should contain clinical images or other images of excellent quality and composition that provide insight into the diagnosis or pathophysiology of a clinical problem or solution. These should be of general interest to the general public of paediatricians and paediatric sub-specialists. The text should be a short clinical vignette or a description and a brief discussion of the most relevant new information, such as. B differential diagnosis, management, pathophysiology or genetic basis. A video and/or audio file is recommended. These submissions must not be reports of medical or surgical cases or failures. Insights manuscripts and images must not exceed 1.5 pages of doubly distributed numbered manuscripts (excluding cover, references and at least 1 number for viewing).

References can be published in the online version of The Journal. Additional characters can be placed in the online version of The Journal if the play exceeds one published page. The publication of recognizable images in all forms and media requires original, signed, written permission from the patient or parent or legal guardian of a minor child. (See permissions) Authors must sign a standard copyright transfer agreement. Therefore, all submissions must have a title. Submissions are verified by the publishers and their decision to accept or reject them is final. Database attachment As of November 1, 2015, authors are encouraged (but not necessary) to connect manuscripts to external databases in order to allow readers to access relevant databases that contribute to a better understanding of the research described. When first submitting a manuscript, refer to the relevant database identifiers in the following format: (DATABASE: identifier; URL). Example: (TAIR: AT1G01020; For more information and a complete list of supported databases, see Osborne, J. W., &Holland, A.

(2009). What is the author and what should it be? An overview of important guidelines for determining the author in scientific publications. Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, 14(15), 1-19. As a PhD student, it may also be useful to consult with faculty members or advanced PhD students who are not related to the project in order to gain an objective perspective and get suggestions on how to handle a situation. If the concerns cannot be resolved in this way, it may be necessary to consult your university`s manual directly to familiarize yourself with the steps of the formal appeal. These steps may include, for example, recording the situation with your program or department manager, who could act as an arbitrator or give other guidance for further negotiations. . . .