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A detachment agreement can be used in some possible scenarios, for example. B if the Second uses a larger team to carry out a project and therefore asks another organization to send them a few more collaborators, to promote the inter-company culture among employees, to exchange collaborators on the basis of their skills and to encourage them to develop their skills, working in another office for a certain period of time. What is important in the staff dispatch agreement is that it does not fully transfer staff from one organization to another, but only does so for a short period of time in order to foster skills growth and corporate culture. This agreement between the two organizations allows them to exchange collaborators either on a project basis or for a short period of time, as needed. In the content of the legal document, the first part to be the company that lends the employees is known to the company and the second part that sends the employees is called Second. The legal contract contains important details such as when the posting contract will enter into force, how long it will enter into force, how many people will be seconded, the total duration of the posting and other important details. The advantages of an agreement are manifold. Here are the most important ones. Please follow the steps below to establish a model settling agreement: In the absence of this legal agreement, both parties will lose if the case is ever decided due to its dilapidation with respect to the aforementioned conditions or specifications. The contract is legal evidence that a transaction has taken place between these organizations and, therefore, if necessary, it can be brought before the courts to serve as documented evidence. A decantation agreement is a legal document drawn up between two parties when the suite must inform certain staff members of the former organization due to an urgent need or a project. The contract clearly mentions the conditions of exchange, the data from which it will enter into force, as well as the total duration of the exchange, so that both parties know perfectly all the details.. .