Sand, beach and the sea – always a holiday success

The beach of Rømø is one of the largest in Europe with lots of space and wideness. What is better than to wake op to fresh air and a salty taste on your lips? Perhaps a swim in the North Sea, wich never is far away, no matter where you are staying on Rømø. Rømø has a lot of interestig things to offer, especially the beautiful nature. Here you can combine a traditional beach holiday with activities as golf or wellness.

Rømø – a place of interesting contrasts.

Modern holiday life on Rømø offers nature at first hand and holiday experiences of high quality. No matter how the weather is like, there is always something to do on Rømø. You can play golf or minigolf, take a trip with the ferry or join a guided tur with Naturcenter Tønnisgård, where you among otheres can catch shrimps or visit bunkers from the second world war. Children love the beach and here they can learn about the beachlife and the different animals, as mussels and crabs on the bottom of the sea. With proffessionel instruction the children learn how to treat the animals and learn about their biology in a entertaining way. You can also join a seal-safari, where you really get close to marine animals. You learn about the Wadden Sea, seals, birds and the animals that get caught from the sea bottom. On Rømø you also find a lot of hiking trails through the beautiful nature. Most of them are also suitable for bicycles. If you want to go horseback riding, you can ride on the beach, in the woods or around the island.

Historically seen

Historically seen Rømø is a quite young island, only about 8.500 years old, created by the finest sand, which reminds of small diamonds. In the 13th century the first people settled on Rømø and whaling became the main source of income. This can still be recognized in the many beautiful Rømø-houses, the museum Kommandørgården and the church.

Harness the winds power…

As you come over the dyke you will be truly impressed with the grandeur of Sønderstrand. 10 km² of flat hard sand dedicated to wind driven sports, this is not only a Mecca for the enthusiasts but certainly also one of the best spots in the world to get your first experiences with wind driven sports. When you harness the winds power, with sand and the sun in your face, it gives you the feeling of being one with nature and all the elements. When taught properly, it is surprisingly safe and easy to learn. There are two power sources, sails or kites, and two different styles of vehicle, to sit in or to stand on, so the choice is yours.

Rømø is placed in the Wadden Sea National Park. -The Wadden Sea of the birds –

About 10 millions of migratory birds are using the Wadden Sea as their larder on their long trip from Africa to the breeding areas north of the polar circle. Their only stop on the way is the Wadden Sea. Every spring and autumn the migratory birds are here and follow the rythm of the tide. At low tide they go out on the drained seabed, turn around with the tide and go back to land, while they are looking for food with their long, sensitive beaks, that also work in the dark. From the Wadden Sea they are flying non stop to either north or south, depending on the season. The Wadden Sea is considered to be one of the most important wetlands of the world. It is a fantastik experience to watch the fascinating flight of the migratory birds over the Wadden Sea and listen to their gentle song out there.